The Aeolian Islands…you will not take long before you will fall in love with them


vacanza Eolie - escursionisti sullo stromboli

With its fountains of volcanic lava it is an island that attracts tourists and scientists from all over the world. One of the most active volcanoes on the planet, but also a village with its simple and ancient atmosphere.


vacanze eolie - isola di vulcano fumarole

Charcterized by bright colors and acrid smell, sulfur springs, mud baths and a breathtaking landscape.


Paradise of cultures that have found a home here for centuries. The greek amphitheater, The Aeolian Museum, and the ancient walls compose the citadel that already in the Greek period was considered one of the most important commercial and cultural center of the Mediterranean. Active village full of life, it will fascinate you with its narrow, winding streets and squares on the seashore.


salina eolie vacanza isole

Chosen as the setting for the famous film “The Postman”, it has villages like Language, Pollara or Santa Marina where time seems to have stopped.


cala junco vacanza eolie

It is the smallest of all, already inhabited in the bronze Era. Today it preserves a luxuriant and unique seabed, but it is also a modern village that on summer nights is full of life.